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Lightbar TBD9751-12

1.DC12V or 24V
2. LED
3.Amber ,red ,blue,white is optional

  • TBD9751-12
  • TBD9751-12
HILMO Emergency Warning Lightbar TBD9751

DC12V or 24V

• 5.8A( MAX ,Red Amber)
• Red,blue,amber,white  optional
•   Two button switch, one is  alley light,the other is flash patterns 
• 3 kind flash pattern selectable 
• mounting bracket combining hook to install
• One year warranty 
• IP66 Water-proof 
• Anti-vibration
• Temperature -40℃- +55℃  
• "PC" dom, Alluminum alloy base
• The ligthbar is widely used by public  security,  police, ambulance , fire  services,  engineering, army.
• Newly streamlined and ultra-thin appearance design, elegant and generous.
• Due to the widespread use of  imported PC material, high-brightness LED,high stability chips,
this product features with  high brightness, low-power consumption  and long life, etc.  .
• Multifunction system and 360-degree lighting is suit all your needs and situations.
Packing weight:10KG  Packing size:123.5*39*25cm  Packing Qty:1pc


HILMO Security is one of the biggest manufactory of warning lightbar ,siren and speaker in China which was found in 1998. With 13 branch office all over China, reliable quality and excellent after-sales service make HILMO brand gain very good reputation in China!
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